Friday, March 21, 2008

~~~****MOVIN’ ON****~~~

~~~****MOVIN’ ON****~~~

Moving beyond what we are so used to.

It’s hard.

You know in your heart that it’s time.

The desire to move on eats you up inside.

Gathering the strength and motivation to make that a desire a reality is hard.

Moving beyond what we have always surrounded ourselves with is tough.

Life is spread out before us.

It waits for us to reach out our fingertips and grasp it.

It calls our souls to take the leap, leap of faith and trust.

It begs us to swallow our fear of the unknown and the undiscovered.

It’s song plays in our minds, tempting us, yet taunting us at the same time.

It’s hard, so very hard, to move on to something better, even if that something means that something will bring us peace.

We fear what may or may not be.

We fear moving to another level and finding ourselves alone.

Being alone is one of our greatest fears.

It is the fear that most people willingly accept.

It’s not unusual to feel that way.

The thought of taking the next step in life makes your heart jump in your chest.

It fills you with excitement, as you imagine how sweet life would be, if you find yourself moving on.

If fills you with feelings of melancholy floating effortlessly through your soul.

You think back and remember.

The events of your life, whether good or bad, come rushing toward you.

One by one, you relive the moments.

You laugh, you cry, you smile, as these waves of memories flood your thoughts.

Feelings of regret may singe your soul, regret at the things that never happened or regret over the way they have happened.

When you reach the point in your life to move on, from whatever plateau you are standing upon now, you have reached a point in your life where you need a change.

Change is scary, yet exciting at the same time.

Some of us make the change easily and without fear, but some, like myself, quake at the thought of moving on.

Creatures of habit are what I would call the fearful ones.

We spend all of our lives afraid of taking the step.

We become used to and accustomed to the pain, hurt or the monotony of life.

We go through the motions and those motions become who we are.

Do you think the chance at happiness or peace is worth swallowing the fears that eat us up inside, so we may move on?

I think so.

Can we do it though?

Can the dark thoughts of being alone be banished from the recesses of our minds, so we may find the courage?

I think if we all tell ourselves and believe in this thought, we can do it.

We are never alone, not as long as we embrace the ones that we hold in our hearts.

We are never alone if we have friends that we can go to for comfort and support.

Shoulders were made for tears.

Mouths were made for words of comfort, love and for smiles.

I think those things can help us find the courage within ourselves to reach out and touch the life that awaits us.

We were put here on this beautiful Earth to enjoy life and each other.

I wish we, me included, didn’t fear it like we do.

I dare you... reach out and grasp life, even if it means you must move on from the plateau you are at now.

Climb higher and reach the next level.

Enjoy life.

Live life.

Love life.

Life would not be real
without the lessons
we learn,
without the experiences
we encounter
and without the special people
to share life with...

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