Saturday, February 16, 2008

d’ greatest battle……things we do for love…

d’ greatest battle…

The greatest battle we ever fought - The battle of LOVE - that cannot be ours. No matter how strong our shield or how sharp our sword. The bleeding cannot be prevented nor the pain will never be concealed. For the wound of the body can be healed but the wound of the heart will forever leave a scar that will remind us of a battle we never WON.

LOVE - This was my greatest battle and I am sure it was/ is yours too. Honestly, I tried to fought for it, was wounded and suffered the pain. I was so helpless trying to win but I ended up as a loser. It was all worth-it afterall. I could be a loser but a winner at the same time because that battle I fought till my last breath was my first breath now that helped me to grow and it did not make me only stronger but wiser. Now, I think I am ready to face this battle again and take the risk as well. Anyway, you will never know unless you risk trying. Right?

…things we do for love…

what are some things we do in the name of LOVE??? ;)

- how we are always there when they needed us and takes care of everything they need
- how we laugh at their silliest jokes and smiled at their littlest compliments
- how we try to make them laugh when they are sad
- how we let them kiss us without asking and hug them back so tightly as if we can keep them
- how we let them stay without knowing till when they are going to stay
- how we stumble and fall

but though we do all these things for LOVE–sadly to say, its always never ENOUGH!!!

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